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Samsung plans to launch its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker early this year

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker

Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini may finally see the light of day, with CEO of Samsung and head of its consumer electronics division Hyun-Suk Kim announcing at CES 2020 that the corporate would be releasing its smaller Bixby-powered smart speaker early this year, via Bloomberg.

It’s been over one and a half year before, Samsung first showed off its Bixby-powered Galaxy Home smart speaker. The full-sized smart speaker has since missed numerous delays, last at the top of Q3 2019 and if you are interested to see the speakers therein time, though, the corporate also quietly announced the Galaxy Home Mini through a public trial in South Korea.

“Continuing to refine and enhance the Galaxy Home before launch”

— a process that seems to possess paid off, as long as Samsung is seemingly on the brink of releasing a minimum of one among its Galaxy Home products.

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Galaxy Home Mini uses Samsung’s Bixby assistant to regulate IoT devices through Samsung’s SmartThings platform, also as functioning as a home speaker using the sound technology from Samsung’s AKG audio brand.
The Samsung’s goal with the Galaxy Home Mini is a smaller amount to mimic the conversational assistant aspects that became such keys a part of products like Siri and Alexa, and to specialize in creating an assistant that executes voice commands well.

Samsung still hasn’t announced a releasing schedule date for the more abundant, cauldron-shaped Galaxy Home. Consistent with Bloomberg’s report, the corporate has yet to make a decision whether it’ll be selling it in the least. Right now, all focus is claimed to get on the cheaper and smaller Galaxy Home Mini.

But if Samsung does hit its planned “early 2020” releasing schedule for the Galaxy Home Mini, there’s still the very fact that the smart home industry is during a very different place in 2020 than it had been in 2018. The Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have massively increased their presence within the space, and each with the new hardware generations of smart speakers, and displays that have come and gone since Samsung’s speaker was first announced.

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That leaves the most important question surrounding the Galaxy Home. Therefore, the Galaxy Home Mini: even if Samsung does release these Bixby speakers, is there room left within the marketplace for another digital assistant?

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