8 amazing facts about Jason Momoa aka Aquaman


The handsome and dashing Jason Momoa popularly know as Aquaman a character of DC Universe. You must have also seen him in the movie “Conan the Barbarian” or “Stargate: Atlantis” but the fame it got from the movie Aquaman he never got that before.

By the way the actor is just not famous for this acting career but also for this social work and he is also a screenwriter, director, and producer.

If you curious about Jason, here are the amazing facts about your favorite Aquaman

1 Ethnicity of Jason Momoa

You will be amazed to hear that Jason father Painter in deep Hawaiian roots and her mother is a professional photographer. He used to live with his mom in Iowa and only in 20’s we decided to move back to Hawaii.

2 How tall is he?

Although Jason is 6’4” but due to some reason we tell everyone that he is 6’5”. Whether it is 6’4” or 6’5” he dam good handsome dude, and always look like he is ready to kick someone’s butt.

3 Early Years of Jason Momoa

As we know Jason spent his teenage in Lowa with his mom, but this didn;t stopped him from becoming a model. Many people don’t know about this but Jason Momoa did win Hawaii’s Model of the Year in ’99 and after this he is been casted by many and he became the Kind of the ocean.

4 Not just acting but he is kick ass in guitar and surfing too.

Yes, Jason Momoa aka Aquaman is very versatile and adventures in his real life. He has some of the great hobbies like guitar, surfing, pastel painting, traveling, Buddhism, and probably more. Imagine 6’5” tall handsome guys doing “pastel painting”.

5 This hunk nailed with his “Tattoos”

You must have noticed that Jason Momoa aka Aquaman’s body is covered by all different kind of tattoos. The one on his left arm is a tribute to “aumakua” – a god from Hawaiian mythos. The nine rows of triangles represent the sharp teeth of a shark. On the other arm he has a french phrased tattoos which says “always be drunk” and on his chest he got his children’s initials.

6 He went High School with Superman

Yeahhhhhh…its crazy that they went high school with Superman. But No, it wasn’t Henry Cavil, The Superman Jason Momoa aka Aquaman went to high school with is Brandon Routh, who’s actually going to reprise this role in Crisis on CW’s Infinite Worlds this season.

7 He scarifies this beard to promote the use of 100% recyclable aluminum cans.

The  whole internet was shaken when we ripped off his glorious beard. But the question is why he did so? This is just to bring as much awareness as he can about avoid using plastics which are actually harming our planet and start using 100% recyclable aluminum cans.

8 Before He Acted, He Was an Aspiring Marine Biologist, Lifeguard, and Surfer



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