Justin Making Light of Taylor’s Post Surgery Banana Video & Hailey Laughs


Bieber shades Taylor’s post-surgery video where the singer had a meltdown over a banana while drugged up. They have been on bad terms since Justin’s manager and closest friend, Scooter Braun and Taylor’s nemesis, bought the rights to her entire album catalog in June.

It seems as if Justin is taking a deep dig in the singer’s heavily drugged up condition after having Lasik eye surgery. Swift was filmed secretly by her mother and after Swift’s mother gave it to Jimmy Fallon to play on ‘The Tonight Show’ during her daughter’s Oct. 3 appearance.

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Justin was filmed by his wife Hailey, where he was spotted moaning, “It’s not the banana that I wanted.” Further grabbing some fruits and yelling just like Taylor did, “It has no head,” to which Hailey laughed and said, “It’s so funny.” The video was live on Instagram on Oct. 6.

Taylor had no idea that she was being recorded, as she was completely blindsided and was on serious medication. Jimmy played the video of her in such an altered state, and how her mom picked her home after the eye surgery.

In the video, it can be seen that Taylor broke off a banana from a bunch and then wailed, “That wasn’t the one I wanted.” After Jimmy aired the clip, Taylor was telling him, “I am sorry, I can’t think about anything else.

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Besides in the video, Swift started peeling the banana, and her mom said, she will eat it if she didn’t want it. Taylor then replied, “But it doesn’t have a head.”

The audience laughed their hearts out seeing the video! Taylor, all shy and nervous, was barely able to discuss her then-upcoming Oct. 5 Saturday Night Live musical guest appearance.

Taylor never fails to amuse us by her silly yet cutest acts. We love Taylor Swift in every way!

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