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An American psychological thriller movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix, has won hearts across the globe. With box-office breaking income of $248.4 million worldwide, Joker movie became the biggest global opener for an October film.

Besides, this movie also became Warner Bros. biggest domestic opening in two years. The world fell in love with this fierce, terrific villain, isn’t it?

‘Joker’ after facing all the controversies and drama has outshone the Hollywood industry worldwide. There are 17 ‘Behind the Scene facts’ that will take you on a ride on how this crazy, breath-taking movie was directed:

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  1. Joaquin Phoenix lost 52 pounds for bordering the movie to success and after gained back 25. It has been reported that he worked with the same doctor who helped him lose weight during ‘The Master’.
  2. He received the Script late in 2017, after which he got it examined by his mother for deciding on signing the movie. The creators of the movie scripted this role considering Joaquin’s personality.
  3. Phoenix in Venice film festival explained that he did not refer to any past characters and roles played by him for Arthur Fleck’s role. He said, “It was just something that felt like our creation, and that’s what really matters to me.”
  4. Arthur Fleck’s role was inspired by iconic silent film stars – Buster Keaton and Ray Bolger. Joaquin also claims to have been inspired by the Scarecrow in ‘The Wizards of Oz’.
  5. Phillips referred to the ‘70s and ‘80s films and their characters as the major inspiration behind the movie’s direction. There can be many visual similarities spotted in the movie.
  6. Joker movie’s storyline depicts a failed stand-up comedian who chooses the world of crime. The theme of movie comes from the famous graphic novel, “Batman: The Killing Joke.”
  7. Movie’s co-writer, Scott Silver, was inspired by the silent film ‘The Man Who Laughs’, released in 1928.
  8. The makeup team’s head Nicki Ledermann claimed that his look was purposefully made to give an antique touch. His lips were colored reddish-brown so that even his slanted smile sends a message that maybe it’s funny or maybe not. It was to resemble BLOOD.
  9. We have heard that scripts are finalized before the shooting, right? But for this movie, everything goes the opposite. The scripts were changed often on the day and the actors had to adapt and improvise their characters’ dialogue accordingly. The actors did really well, which can be seen in the movie.
  10. Before shooting, Director Todd Phillips asked Phoenix to practice different kinds of laughter that depicted Joker’s painful laugh. He practiced several and even auditioned them for Phillips. Now that’s quite funny!
  11. Joker has three kinds of a laugh: the ‘affliction’ laugh, the ‘one of the guys’ laugh and then the ‘authentic joy’ laugh at the end.
  12. Phoenix admires the Actor Robert DeNiro, though it was rare they talked to each other on the sets due to their similar acting methods.
  13. DeNiro and Phoenix had quiet oppositions on the set like, the former wanted to do all the read-throughs before filming his scenes whereas the latter never wanted the same.
  14. Generally, movies have their songs composed as per the script. But Phillips asked his music composer, Hildur, to compose the songs of the script.
  15. The music composed was so realistic that it was often played on the sets to create a realistic atmosphere and a motivation to set the mood of star casts.                                                       
  16. Hildur’s music basically changed the bathroom dancing scenes from how it was written in the script – like Arthur runs in the bathroom, hides the gun and washes his face. Phillipa plays the song and Phoenix starts dancing while shooting the scene. This is what they exactly show in the movie.
  17. Joaquin claims that he enjoyed playing the role and didn’t find it struggling or did ever went into dark places because of the role like most past actors claim to have such an experience.

Have you watched the movie yet? A roller coaster ride of craziness and fun.


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