A leaked new Fortnite trailer show fishing, boats and Pogo sticks!



The players were left in a bittersweet moment with absolutely no clue what the developer, Epic Games, has in store for them after what appeared to be the total annihilation of the original map of the game Fortnite. The players all around the world can now only see a ‘black hole’. If we pay any heed to the rumors, the game is set to return with a new map and plenty of other new features, including the boat, swimming, and fishing.

And then we got a ‘leaked’ trailer which features all these aspects. While the trailer showcases the Chapter 2 Season 1, it also shows Pogosticks and another feature we were hoping to see in one of the battles Royale games, the ability to carry knocked teammates. The trailer has been shared with Epic’s permission and consent as per the sharer.

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And the level threshold has been moved up to level 127, which means you can now level up to 127 and new ways to do so. You can fight, loot and collect which will award you with battle, scavenger and survival medals. And with Season 1 battle pass there are more than 100 rewards for you to get.

The gamers had absolutely nothing to go with for a full one day except for a minigame which required a Konami code. Still the player reluctant to move on and why would they… Chapter 2 is on the way, people.

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Hordes of player and watchers logged on to the Twitch channels to gaze at the mesmerizing void (have they lost their mind?). And the channels include Twitch channel and Fortnite channel as well as hundreds of other Fortnite streamers.

It was obviously quite risky in the part of Epic Games to pull off a stunt of that kind. They destroyed their only map in the wake of another, which too was no announced officially. Players had nothing to do for a whole day. Given the time ain’t too much but still no news form the company did not help.

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