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Brazil’s Bolsonaro inquiries coronavirus deaths, say ‘sorry, some other will also die’

Brazil's Bolsonaro inquiries coronavirus deaths

RIO DE JANEIRO/SAO PAULO (Reuters) – On Friday, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro show uncertainty on Sao Paulo’s death toll due to the outburst of Coronavirus. He also blamed the state governor of manipulating the totals for political ends, without justifying his claims.

Bolsonaro’s allegations were the new attacks in an unpleasant fight with Brazil’s governors. He also scraped at the President’s opinion that securing the economy is superior over social distancing steps to fight against the outburst of the highly spreadable virus.

Acting upon the instruction of public health specialists;

 The huge strength of the country’s 26 governors forbidden profitable non-essential movements and community facilities to cover the outburst in their zones.

According to Bolsonaro;

Regretfully, some people will pass away, that is life. You cannot close a car factory due to traffic deaths. In Sao Paulo state, the financial powerhouse of Brazil, the number of deaths seems too large. There are most cases of Coronavirus in Sao Paulo state in Brazil, with 68 deaths and 1223 cases.

“We need to see what’s going on there, it can’t be a game of numbers to support political interests,” Bolsenaro said.

Earlier on Friday, Sao Paulo’s governor, Joso Doria, blamed Bolsnero of endorsing misguiding by beginning a TV ad movement criticizing the limitations. Joso Doria is an earlier Bolsanaro partner, having many hoped to become a contender in the 2022 presidential election.

The slogan is the same as a movement in Milan ahead of death in Italy increased.

On Friday, the Brazilian Justice Bureau banned all foreign tourists from entering the country through airports. Since Monday, this travel ban has also been strictly enforced. This ban follows the same action as many other South American countries.

The central bank of Brazil on Friday also demanded alternatives to buy bonds in accordance with ‘quantitative easing’ strategies in other countries. However, opening a 40 billion Reasis credit line to support little companies get paid.

According to the Minister of Economy Paulo Gaddes;

The government will provide 45 billion reais to independent and informal employees. 

He further said that;

 All steps the government will take to fight the Coronavirus will sum up the 700 billion reais within three months.

On Monday the Ministry of Health reports state;

Approved cases of the coronary virus in the country increased from 1,891 to 3,417. However, the corresponding deaths increased to 92.

The popularity of Bolsenaro has plummeted during the crisis. Several Brazilians have complained at night on their windows to control with pots and pillows.

On Friday, in retaliation, followers of Bolsenaro opposed shutting down caravans over major cities. They also shared social media videos with the #BezilCantstop hashtag.

The TV ad shared on social media by the allies of the Bolsonaro with his son states

He was commissioned by the office of the President at the worth of 4.9M reais exclusive of discussing with the health ministry.

The ad states; 

“Neighbors cannot stop Brazil for salesmen, shop proprietors, home workers, millions of Brazilians in the city centers.” It displays the sights of full classrooms and street markets.

#MilanWalentStop, this motto is the same as was popular in northern Italy in February. Italy now is the worldwide epicenter of the outburst, with more deaths from China.

According to Milan’s mayor, Beppa Sala; 

He is sorry to share the hashtag.

Several have referred to a video with hashtag #MilanWillNotStop. This video became viral on the internet. Everybody was sharing this video.  I also posted this video, probably right or wrong, maybe wrong, sala stated in an interview on TV.

An official of the health ministry said that the ministry would not comment on Bolsonaro.

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