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U.S. exceeds China in Coronavirus reports as world-wide over-all 500,000

U.S. exceeds China in Coronavirus

In the United States, there are at least 85,707 approve reports of COVID-19. 1268 died in them. 

According to tracking by NBC News;

The United States is globally at the top in the total of coronavirus reports. Till this Friday, there are 85,707 people sick. It is a sum that also exceeds the caseload in China from where the epidemic starts in December.

The total deaths also increase to 1,268. New York is in the worst situation, with 433 deaths by COVID-19.

Johns Hopkins University tracker mentioned;

For now, globally, the total confirmed cases increased to 533,416. There the death are hitting to 24,082 as of 4:15 am E.T. 

According to Trump;

He discussed with Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the response to the coronavirus. China fought with coronavirus effectively and developed a prominent understanding of the virus. We are also working jointly and strongly.

At a previous briefing, President Trump stated;

The U.S. is performing with the global community, data, and information sharing to encounter the coronavirus. He also declared a relief package of $2.2 trillion that Congress set to vote on Friday. The federal emergency management agency is dividing millions of masks and more medical instruments to hospitals.

Full coverage of the virus outburst

But in New York, hospitals are already overpowered with waiting rooms full of people who are infectious, lack of beds, and doctors are asking to obtain more ventilators.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio;

The federal government is going to send 2000 ventilators to New York. President Trump cast uncertainty on the requirements of the hospitals in a talk with Fox News. I cannot believe you require 40K or 30K ventilators. You also know that if you go to a foremost hospital and there you will find only two ventilators. Currently, they are asking for 30K ventilators. Can we order 30K ventilators?

Edwards stated;

“There are no adequate means of health care.” If the present step of new cases lasts, the state can also access capacity in the start April 2 for ventilators and April 7 for hospice beds.

Just New Orleans alone requires more 1,000 hospital beds by April 8 as the new plans. The Federal administration just gives more 250 beds to the city. 

Further, Edwards also requested the community to follow the lockdown steps. In this way, it is easy to support “level the curve.”

He stated;

“If the public will not take care of these extenuation steps, there is no guaranty why things that you realize emerging from Italy will not occur here in Louisiana. 

There is also good news that we still have time to make an extremely confident change in the result.”

In the meantime, the worst country in the world is Italy. It endures reporting the maximum deaths with at least 8,215. 

According to the Italian federation of doctors;

”In the dead, there are 41 health specialists.” 

The purpose of the countrywide lockdown is to overpower the feats of the virus. 

On Thursday, Italy’s Education Minister Lucia Azzolina informed the country’s Senate;

”The schools will also remain close for the rest of the school year and maybe will reopen until September.”

In the U.K., people all over the country also reach to their doorways, windows, and galleries at 8 pm (4 pm E.T.) Thursday to clap for health care workers. It was a sign of thankfulness and praise. The total number of viruses confirms cases also reach 12,000 in U.K. It is a threat that the virus will overpower the country’s cherished universal health structure.

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