Joe Keery Gets His Gorgeous Long Hair Back After Shocking Bowl Cut


The Stranger Things star shocked his fans after getting that bowl cut. He was spotted with his girlfriend Maika Monroe, shopping during which we got a glimpse of him. He has his black gorgeous hairs back. Finally!

Who has watched him in that bowl cut would surely take a breath of relief!

When Joe arrived at Margot Robbie’s launch celebration for her Gabrielle Chanel Essence, he looked extra scary than something the Upside Down may produce. Sept. 12, Joe’s hair was original into a sloppy bowl reduce.

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Where did his stunning feathered locks go? Fans seemed really disappointed by his this looks.

He definitely appeared like Noel and Liam Gallagher’s long-lost brother. Joe Keery’s model like change didn’t win over followers.

He received various gross comments, of which one truly depicted, how his fans didn’t support him for this look – “Let’s take a second of silence to recollect Joe Keery. He was an absolute shining star of final hair objectives. He will perpetually stay in our hearts. RIP mullet man.”

We believe that always giving us hair goals, he this time too tried to make a bowl cut debut. But sadly, that didn’t go really well. His mullet-tresses were a dream that every guy followed and lived into.

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Many also did support his new look defending him by tweeting, Joe looks handsome in every look. It’s his wish to style his hairs the way he wants. Many fans are now joking they won’t stream his tunes until he grows his hair.

There are also rumours that his look might all be part of his new venture into the music industry, after dropping his debut song earlier this summer.

Whatever the reason might be we are happy that his fringes have vanished and he back with his breath-taking look again! Welcome, back new hairs!

Saurabh Singla
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