Microsoft’s Project xCloud registrations are open now

Microsoft’s Project xCloud registrations are open now

In an attempt to rival Google’s Stadia and Sony PS4 Remote Play, Microsoft is coming out with a new game streaming service. The service named Project xCloud lets you play any of the games available for console on you hand-held android device. Soon you’ll be able to stream all your favorite Xbox titles anywhere on the go…

Microsoft Project xCloud Hands-On: Xbox games on your phone from r/AndroidGaming

As expected for any game streaming service, a rather fast internet connection will be needed. While Stadia, upon launching will only support Wi-Fi connectivity and not cellular, xCloud will support all 4G, 5G as well as Wi-Fi connections. 

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Microsoft is also planning to team up with major service providers to amp up its game. Last week Vodafone announced about its collaboration with Microsoft to work on the improvement of the Project xCloud.

Trial for the beta of the project will start next month, in October 2019. There will be two ways to stream. 

First for the people already owning an Xbox system. They will be able to stream games directly from their consoles. Microsoft Says “Play Xbox One games installed on your console, including Xbox Game Pass games, on your Android phone or tablet in the Xbox Console Streaming (Preview). Be an active Xbox Insider for a chance to join the preview.”

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Second for the people who don’t own an Xbox console. They can still stream games on their mobile, for this, Microsoft says, “Get a first look at game streaming with Xbox in Project xCloud (Preview). Play Xbox favorites on your Android phone or tablet directly from the cloud over Wi-Fi or your mobile network. As we’re starting to roll out this test, we invite you to help shape the future of game streaming. 

The need to own a sweet ring to play new titles will surely be fulfilled with the arrival of these highly anticipated game streaming services.

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