Open-world space exploration title, Outer Wilds is coming for PS4



The open-world space exploration indie title, Outer Wilds, will be releasing for PS4 in a matter of few days. The game, which is a crowd-funding project, was released for PC through Epic Games Store and for Xbox one in May this year.

In the game, you must safely navigate through worlds that transform every few minutes. You’ll have to explore the planets at different times to unveil their mysteries. These worlds are in a solar system that is stuck in a 22-minute time loop. That means the changes on every planet initiates every 22 minutes and are irrevocable.

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The game, as per the developers, is a web of interconnected mysteries. None of the events in the game was written as a filler or is unimportant. So the producers urge the interested players to play the game themselves before watching the gameplay anywhere else.

The game is set to release on the 15th of October and is full of beautiful landscapes and intriguing scenarios. Announcing the launch of the game Sony in its PS blog says, “As the player explores, they must learn to safely navigate the dangers of space. One of the initial inspirations for Outer Wilds was the realistic space exploration seen in films like Apollo 13 or 2001: A Space Odyssey. In space, there is no friction, oxygen and fuel are limited, and alien planets are home to deadly and unforeseen hazards. Outer Wilds presents all these challenges to players via a real-time physics simulation of the solar system. This system gives rise to unpredictable events that can add danger to a seemingly calm expedition into ancient ruins. Players must use their jetpack, ship, retrievable scout, translator, signal scope, and, above all, their own knowledge to navigate the dangers of the solar system. Because the player carries knowledge between loops, uncovering new information can sometimes require deadly one-way journeys that inspire existential dread in players.”

The game has instilled quite an excitement in the gamers around the world and as the release date approaches, the game accumulates more fans.

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