Players will be able to buy limited edition Sneakers through NBA 2K20

The NBA 2K has been popular for a long time now owing to its collaborations with the real world shoe brands which offer you sneakers for your virtual player in the game. And now there this another partnership between the publisher of 2K Sports and another shoemaker, which will give you a chance to get yourself a pair of one of the “Gamer Exclusives.” want to know who the shoemaker is? Then here we go…

Thanks to a partnership between Nike and 2K Sports, as you buy your player a pair of shoes, you will be able to do so for yourself as well. These Gamer Exclusives are going to be limited edition and exclusive to popular basketball titles. This feature will be included in NBA 2K20, as players will be able to buy themselves a pair of these from an array of 10 shoes. Starting from the 29th of October, the player will have to complete in-game challenges to unlock the purchase.

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Now, as you should have assumed to buy these sneakers, you would have to exhibit exceptional gaming in NBA 2K20, well not exceptional, but yeah, you’ve gotta be good. There is a Nike MyPlayer Nation mode in the game, it is a new one. Pick your favorite team and play against online players.

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This, while imitating the 2019-2020 season of NBA game schedule, takes you one step closer to your new shoes. Depending on your performance, you hit specific milestones and unlock the GE sneakers. But beware these milestones are ever-changing though as they change throughout the season. Then link your Nike and 2K memberships in an app called SNKRS app. And then buy the shoe from there. Easy right, come on, you’ll know that the hassle is worth it when you’ll see the shoes.

The first GE will be a new version of the latest LeBron James Nike Shoes, which are being called LeBron 17 ‘Bron 2K. In order to get your hands on this one, you’ll need to defeat LeBron James, in a sense increase your rating more than him. Right now, James stands 97 you’ll need 98-99 to get past him.

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The Mythic Goldfish of Fortnite ultimately captured on a video

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