‘The Challenge’ Recap: Elimination of the Legend

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Johnny Bananas’ is eliminated from the show!

None of us expected this to happen in the episode of ‘The Challenge’ Show on September 25th. The workforce of the USA is divided into two alliances after the elimination of Laurel. One group consists of Nany, Tori, Leroy, and Jordan as headed by Johnny Bananas’. Whereas Cara Maria’s team has Kam, Ashely, Ninja Natalie and her boyfriend Paulie. With Turbo, Zach, and Josh not being part of any of the alliances.

Bananas’ and Marias’ relationship began out unstable which finally turned into associates, later where Cara began her relationship with Paulie in the final Season. Paulie has a connection with Josh outdoors of the sport. So, he assures Josh that, if he votes for him, he will hold the workforce U.S. sturdy and not vote a member of their very own workforce into elimination.

The task demanded the players jump off a platform and fix a hook to a rope, they zipline so far as they will earlier than touchdown within the water. And after, as soon as they are within the water, they need to swim around a buoy as fast as possible. This will be added up to determine a winner.

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Being a super close race, it ended up with the U.S. on the top. The alliance decides on Paulie to be the speaker. He picks his girlfriend Cara, his closest ally and alongside also pick Jordan, the person who performed best in the C\challenge to join him in the tribunal.

At the U.K. deliberation, enemies Rogan and Theo go head-to-head. The majority of the alliances decide to vote in Theo, who is undoubtedly the strongest players in the game.


After deciding on this, they needed Theo’s opponent. Cara goes for 100% all-in voting for Johnny to get him back for throwing last week’s challenge. At the voting, Cara and Paulie stick to their words and give Johnny a second vote, sending him in.

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The guys were trapped in a cage and have to roll the cage around the obstacle course. Along the way, they’ll have to place roman numeral pieces in their correct place in the course before rolling to the finish line. Theo was behind Johnny, but the latter mixes up two of the pieces and loses some time while correcting the mistake.

Just after a few minutes lost he makes his comeback but isn’t fast enough and Theo leads the challenge and aces it.

Theo opts to stick with team U.K. after sending Johnny home!

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