The original map of Fortnite destroyed in The End event



Whoa, what’s that…Damn.

That’s a nuke, RUN….

What a meteor shower now…


Rumors had it guys, the original map of Fortnite is no more. The exciting event The End event made sure of the fact that the map is destroyed or at least unusable. Here’s what happened…

In the event, everything looked pretty calm until the countdown hit 0, after which players saw a missile whizzing through the air to high above in the sky, which apparently caused massive amounts of cracks in the sky. These cracks paved the way meteor shower, which contained huge meteors accompanied by tons of missiles, which stared wreaking havoc on the place. The meteor seemed stuck in the mid-way moment before it struck the ground. Then came a moment of silence, the calm before the storm.

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Then suddenly the players were sent flying in the sky and stayed there. Another meteor followed, accompanied by another group of missiles. As the meteor made its way to the ground, the missiles flew everywhere and destroyed almost everything. They even widened the cracks in the sky. This meteor was meant to bring The End as it did.

In a matter of seconds, the meteor made its way to the ground and found resistance in the form of a force field, which kind of stopped it from colliding and further dramatized the scene. The collision followed the unsuccessful attempt made by the field. Then the map was sucked in the crater made by the collision followed by the ‘flying’ players. Only a sightful of a purple Blackhole was seen afterward.

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DrLupo, the Twitch Streamer, and his official team witnessed what looked like a Blackhole glowing in purple and white light. Yep, BLACKhole giving out purple and white light…wait a sec lemme check, yep, that’s it.

The event, as expected by many, might serve as the transition from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 of the game. The survival of the original map is questionable, which might be a bittersweet moment for many players. Huh… nostalgia…


Harsh Vardhan

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