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One of the year’s most anticipated titles, Death Stranding, is set to drop on the 8th of November. Developed by the developer of Metal Gear Franchise, Hideo Kojima, the game seems pretty damn impressive by the way the trailers look. The icing on the cake is the all-star cast with which the game is studded. Kojima has unbelievably able to put together some of Hollywood’s hottest stars together in a game, which has never been done before in the gaming industry. The cast includes Duncan Vizla of Polarr, is one of the villains (maybe), AMC’s Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus is be playing the protagonist. In an interview with TASS, Mads shed some much need light on the game as the gamers have zero ideas about what game is going to be about.

“Me and Kojima-san are expecting the Strand Baby in November!” from r/DeathStranding

When asked about his character, Cliff, Mads indicates that his character is more than just a villain. He said “We learn more about the characters throughout those hours or days of playing the game. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, but… The more you play it, the more the characters will develop, and you will find little bits and pieces that fit the puzzle, so I would definitely not say that he is the antagonist solely.”

As its known, the cast chosen somehow resembles the character they play. Talking about his similarities to Cliff, Mads said, “It’s interesting to think how much of any character is me. We do use ourselves in everything we do. I also try to throw away a lot of me, and then there would be something left, and it would be emphasized, and there would be a character. I can’t put percentages on it, but there’s definitely something there.”

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As the mist around the game lifts, more questions arise than answered. But the gamers all over the world are going nuts as more trailers are released, making the game all the more intriguing.

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