With an improved AI, Foes in The Last Of Us Part II have gotten smarter


Naughty Dog has made sure that the foes we go against in The Last Of Us Part II are not only bigger but faster and brighter. They’ll be using deduction and techniques combined to go at any length to take you down. 

Anthony Newman, the co-director of TLOU 2, regarding the enemy AI, said in an interview with GameSpot “Our AI now has a new state of awareness between complete awareness of your position and totally unaware of where you are.”


To make you understand how this reasoning and deduction works here’s an example: You take down an enemy stealthily with an arrow, without the other guy’s knowledge, he will still find the body and try to judge your position or from which direction you attacked them by the course the arrow or the bullets came in. 

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They’ll use the other bodies you drop in the zone to follow to where you are, but of course, you can use their this ability to lure them and use against them.

Newman said, “Not only does this make them more intelligent to new situations where these systems can cause more intense moments to transpire for the player, but it also gives the player the opportunity to make predictions.” Further adding, “We all know human beings, we interact with human beings every day. We can make predictions about what they’re going to do next. By having these more refined and nuanced layers of knowledge and perception and coordination, players can make better and better predictions and make more refined strategies about what to do next.” 

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Naughty Dog, along with taking AI to the next level, has given names to each and every of the NPC. This will add a new “emotional” aspect to killing every enemy as their friend when they find their bodies will mourn them and call ou their names. “[The Last Of Us Part II] is meant to be unsettling. I think along with, honestly, every aspect of the game–narratively, mechanically, and technologically–the AI was just one facet of the game that we really wanted to take to the next level and ask, ‘What can we do that’s next-gen?'” 


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